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Powering the developers.

We're a small collective of imaginative developers aiming high, inspired by our love for programming. We believe in assisting the growth and developers of developers all kind, new or experienced and pride ourselves on the things we can do in order to make a difference to people across the world.

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Your ultimate Discord chillzone.
We believe that inclusion of all people is a must. That's why Matrix Development has decided to become not just an organisation specific to developers, but to any ordinary Discord user. We've created a welcoming, interactive and engaging community environment with giveaways, events, self roles and much more. So what are you waiting for? Come on in!

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Providing support for developers.
Are you a developer needing help with those ambitious projects, school assignments or simply want to learn more? We've got you covered with dedicated programming support channel consisting of several text channels covering an extensive variation of programming/scripting languages.

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Keeping you connected.
Server members can often feel overwhelmed by servers with several announcement/update-purposed channels scattered all over the place. That's why we've decided to create a dedicated channel category and in-website blog to neatly organize the important updates in once place.

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Enjoy the following perks of being part of our awesome Discord community, and much more!

2000 Members

A welcoming, interactive and engaging community environment with giveaways, events, self roles and much more.

141 Emojis

Stand out among the crowd with the wide variety of awesome, shiny emojis for you to use to express yourself!

87 Roles

Assign yourself some shiny new roles to let us know who you are, or simply assign yourself notification roles to be notified when important updates are announced.

Extensive Products

We've created several Discord bots for our members to use for free ranging from music to server management.

Various Services

We offer services regarding front/backend, API's (web development) and Discord bot development.

Level 2 Boosted

Enjoy the Nitro perks of a level 2 boosted Discord server, including a wider range of emojis, better audio quality and enhanced streaming quality.


A special thanks to the awesome people powering an awesome community.

No boosters to show here.


Here's what members and customers have to say about us.

Throughout my entire time on discord not once have I found a server with such a fast acting staff team in situations and even better management (excluding me). I’ve been working here for about 4 months and I started out as a PR Agent, then Lead PR Agent, transferred to the Management Department and now I’m the Lead Manager of this fine establishment.

totallynotstoned - Former Staff

This server is the best community I’ve been in the server may have its flaws but I made so many fun memories in here that it more then makes up for it. To the new people who join the server don’t be afraid to say hi everyone here is really nice even though some people may come off as overwhelming they’ll warm up to you and it will be worth it.

𝑉𝑎𝑙𝑘𝑟𝑦𝑖𝑎 - Moderator Staff

My overall review of this place: Freaking Amazing. The staff members and community are very welcoming to anyone who joins. The team behind the server are also always working hard and keep the server running smoothly and with a constant stream of HUGE updates. The best part about this place though is the friendliness of everyone involved, this is a great place to chat and make friends because of the community that developed within the server. You won’t find another server like this one folks, so stay around.

BluHaloz - Server Member

...all in all the experience I have had with everyone within the community and the staff have been absolutely amazing. If you want to have a place as staff you can always apply by opening a ticket. Because of the opportunity I have had working for matrix, I was able to meet people that I wouldn’t usually talk to. This meant they matrix has helped build my confidence within and outside the workplace. So Matrix I thank you for the opportunity and kind open arms in which you have welcomed me with.

🪐 Hades - Head Administrator
🪐 Hades

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