Matrix Development
We Don't Shape Reality, We Create It.

About Us

Welcome to Matrix Development. We're a small group of developers inspired by our love for programming.

We pride ourselves on the things we can do in order to make a difference to people across the world.

We strive on becoming a popular development group, not for the money but for the

reputation it can bring to us and the opportunities we can earn from this.


Active Development
Our Development team is constantly working on all of our active projects. These projects include products being made on Discord and products made on Roblox.
Unique Services
We offer several services regarding frontend, backend, API's, and Discord Bot-creating services. As we continue to expand, we plan on offering more services concerning the platforms we extend across (like Roblox). We use programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Node.JS and Python.
Affordable Prices
All of our services begin at $5 regardless of how simple it is. Depending on how complex it is, our prices can reach up to $50. We offer services regarding bot development, API's, backend, frontend, Node.js, HTML, CSS, PHP and Python.

Efficient Staff Members
All of our staff members are active daily and are very experienced when it comes to executing their role and the tasks that come with it.
Reliable Products
All of our products are reliable in terms of safety, security and reliability. We have a status page specifically designed to display the status of our products. They are automated but there may be a delay in changing the status on the status page if one of the components go offline. We will also send alerts through email and on our main website if there is a safety/security threat.
Matrix is extremely flexible when it comes to payment methods and how much someone owes us. If someone can't pay us in terms of money, then we can offer other forms of payment. However, if those other forms of payment aren't considered suitable, then we will take action against the user. We will go out of our way and pay our own developers the money they deserve if the customer's situation is dire and if they can't pay their due. We do have certain policies made to prevent scamming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the new site going to be done?

A: We do not know when the new version of the website will be fully complete.


Q: How many staff members do you guys have?

A: we have 32 staff members. and we are Not currently hiring.


Q: Do you plan to sell websites?

A: Currently we are talking about selling websites but we do not know yet.